4 Vendor Highlights at ChannelNext21 Central

SnapLogic is a digital transformation automation application that helps companies streamline just about any process. This is the doorway into the ongoing journey of digital transformation where your suppliers, employees and customers live in harmony in an ecosystem.

Every MSP needs to become a digital transformation business advisor to their customers because that is where they are all headed in a digital-first economy. You ability to do this right may be the #1 factor in future-proofing your business and success.

Check out the presentation to understand how it’s done.

Datto started with BDR then expanded with PSA, then networking and security. They continue to build out a suite of managed services for MSPs. There is always something that you can leverage from Datto.

In this discussion, we explored the breadth of their offering and how MSPs can leverage to solve big problems and generate recurring revenue.

Net2Phone is growing by leaps and bounds as they continue to help MSPs solve the UCaaS and VoIP challenges. Most businesses had to migrate to this type of communications as part of surviving the pandemic. Remote work needs robust remote communications.

The really cool thing about Net2Phone (formerly known as Versature) is that they offer a telemarketing sales service for their channel partners that costs zero and they get paid regardless if they remain a partner.

Check out what they had to say.

Sherweb is a top cloud distributor for everything Microsoft but did you know that they offer a lot more? Explore the depth of their solution portfolio. They can help you grow your book of Microsoft business on many levels. They also offer top-shelf support and marketing assistance (including funds) to help their partners grow their business.