ChannelNEXT Event Soars to New Heights

Not only was it at full capacity, but the content and peer-to-peer networking were off the charts! Today, when MSPs invest their time, they want to get measurable ROI value wrapped in an enjoyable experience. ChannelNext Events delivered on all counts including breathtaking views of Niagara Falls.

Here is a short video:

ChannelNEXT Video Overview

Here are the top 20 values that ChannelNEXT24 delivered:

1. Building Business Valuation and Exit Strategy: The best way for any MSP to build and guide their business. When you think “exit strategy,” you save time, increase profits, and sell for the highest price. Michael Contento, CEPA from

2. State of the Channel and Market Trends: Knowing what’s going on today and where the market is headed can help you make better plans for the future. What was considered best practices yesterday may not be the case tomorrow. Always move towards where the puck is headed! Jay McBain from Canalys delivered the data points.

3. The Future of MSPs: Adapting your company model to be future-ready. The MSP industry is evolving with both headwinds and tailwinds. Navigating the right path keeps you ahead of the competition from Gavin Garbutt, AUGMENTT

4. Cybersecurity: This is something that all MSPs must get correctly. Who’ll be breached next? Securing your company and clients is complicated, but with some effort and smart outsourcing to the proper partners, you can do it. We demonstrated a variety of methods as well as a powerful resource to do this job effectively! Evgeniy Kharam , Sharon Bauer, Fernando Montenegro and Barb Paluszkiewicz plus vendors Kaseya Labs, ACRONIS Backup Solutions, Sophos, Mimecast , Trend Micro and others.

5. Artificial Intelligence: Navigating the World’s Greatest Technology Disruptor and New Era. Ignoring this is a surefire prescription for tragedy. AI is having an impact on every aspect of business, and you must use the opportunity to achieve practical success. It’s already here, so waiting is not an option. We got some insights from Microsoft and CriticalMatrix | MatrixVentures.

6. Digital Transformation: It’s the daily job of every MSP in a digital-first world. While the world revolves, everything continues to be digitally transformed. Helping your clients embrace smart digitization is the only outcome that matters for predictable and sustainable business success.

7. Sustainability: The most important factor for everyone in the long run. When done correctly, it can also be a competitive advantage and a source of profit. Plus, you get to help save the world! IBM showed the way!

8. MSP Town Hall: The audience interacts with some of the most outstanding MSPs, asking questions and receiving answers. It takes a wise man to learn from their mistakes, but an even wiser man to learn from the mistakes of others. What you learn here can be game changing!

9. Talk Shows: Learn about the vendors and people behind the businesses. Boring PowerPoint decks are old school, and no one has time for them. We simplify the vendor message to reveal why it is most important to MSPs.

10. Lions’ Den Vendor Pitches: Determine if the vendor is a good fit in under three minutes. If a vendor cannot present their argument to you in less than three minutes, they should practice more. There are no rules, save that there are no slide decks, and you pour your heart out to the audience. Get this right, and you’ll win every day! Good for suppliers and MSPs (FYI, we provide training for this).

11. Speed Introductions: Meet each vendor. A fun technique to avoid missing anyone or anything. It takes only a few minutes to meet and get to know every vendor. Quickly determine which vendors warrant a more in-depth chat!

12. Mastermind Peer Group Sessions: Collaborate with your peers in a small group to solve real-world problems. The “piece de resistance”; if you don’t know what this is, please find out. We often say that if you just do one thing in business, join a peer group! (ask about our CEO, Cyber and Vendor Channel Management Peer-Groups).

13. Emerging Vendors: Stay ahead of the curve with the next best technologies. Check out a few, Data & More and RabbitRun Technologies Inc. and Produce8 All game changers! With our news media arm, we have unprecedented access to thousands of vendors and research so we are always interviewing, reviewing and evaluating! We bring you the very best!

14. Networking: The event is all about social peer-to-peer networking. Everyone always tell us that even though the event delivers so much amazing content, that it’s the interactions with their peers that they love the most. And, we agree! It’s why in-person events matter!

15. Entertainment: We are definitely not just all work. Always an enjoyable experience and what better way than karaoke, great food and conversations. Getting out of your comfort zone is always a good experience. We like drinking and singing, but we are open to anything. Just make a suggestion!

16. News interviews: Watch the news interviews with the vendors. Amplifying and sharing some of the messages beyond the event to our entire channel community of 100K + is also important for us. Watch and share the video interviews! Subscribe to eChannelNEWS!

17. Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem: The ultimate resource to find everything an MSP or MSSP needs including exclusive solutions – private-label marketplace to transact on all cybersecurity solutions, a marketing automation platform, a public relations playbook, a data and compliance management tool, compliance as-a-service, privacy-as-a-service, cyber masterminds and more. Explore the website for more…

18. LinkedIn: Our expert Rick Lambert delivered some deep insights for improving your presence on the most important B2B platform in business. Missed it? Reach out to Rick and ask about his training courses and services.

19. Amazing selection of vendors and cloud distributors: Doing business with any or all will solve a wide range of digital transformation, cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and sustainability problems and generate more revenues. Plus, three of the best cloud distributors ready to offer an even wider selection of solutions and services – , Pax8 and Climb Channel Solutions.

20. More more more: Like the only VoIP solution you need net2phone Canada. New event platform onpoint, and the very best networking solutions from HPE Aruba Networking, NETGEAR TP-Link MEA and RabbitRun Technologies Inc. Incredible interactive display solutions from Elo Touch Solutions, and every power management solution you need from Eaton and Transistor Tech Tour (Cyberpower) and QNAP Systems for everything storage and more… Something for every channel partner!

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Hard to imagine, but there was more! Keep watching for more highlights!

A special thank you to our channel community and advisors for helping us to create and guide the majority of the content. MSPs helping MSPs is such a bigger thing than it ever was! With roughly 200 channel events across North America, ChannelNEXT continues to lead the way in Canada after 22 years powered by the largest and longest running independent news media in the country – eChannelNews. Thank you sponsors for your continued support of the Canadian channel community and us!

Here are some pics of the Niagara Falls event:

Team expands with the next generation
Building partnerships
Earning accolades from your peers
Best presenters
Learning from leading MSPs
Talk shows with vendors to cut through the fog
Getting insights from the best industry leaders in managed services
Building relationships and having a good time
Learning about AI
Meeting vendors
Yummy food
Deep panel discussions
Great conversations
A little singing is good for the soul!

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We like to think of ChannelNEXT as the ultimate “people-first” channel event where every attendee gets a VIP experience and go home with several big ideas that can help them grow in ways they never expected! We feed the mind, body and soul…

Time for a rinse and repeat! Up Next: ChannelNEXT WEST on October 21-22 in Whistler, B.C. at the amazing and beautiful First Nation’s Museum plus a fun Pub Crawl in Whistler Village! It’s going to be an epic experience that you do not want to miss! We are coming to you! Learn more or Register! This targets Western Canada and USA, but you are welcome to fly in from anywhere!