Welcome to ChannelNEXT 2022! We’re back! On-Site + Livestream + On-Demand

Everything appears to be a little more uncertain and complicated as we transition into this new digital-first World. It’s our new reality, so adapting to it wisely is the only way forward.

The good news is that face-to-face meetings are making a comeback. ChannelNEXT is ready to pave the way for more in-person events while ensuring everybody’s safety. Our live events have been redesigned with a new format and regional emphasis (requiring much less travel and costs for attendees).

In-person + Livestream + On-Demand Viewing = A larger channel audience from various countries.

While the in-person audience is mostly local, the viewers are from all over the world. The reach is many times greater when combined with the large community of our news media eChannelNEWS. In-person events are now considered “high-value digital content creation days.” Taped in front of a live audience and then broadcast worldwide!

All of our in-person events will be live-streamed and recorded for on-demand viewing, allowing everyone to consume the content however they prefer.

In 2022, we have over 5 in-person events planned.

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We have been organising the most effective face-to-face and award-winning channel conferences for over 20 years. We assist Vendors, Distributors, VARs, MSPs, IT Solution Providers, Independent Software Vendors, System Integrators, and IT Consultants in collaborating and growing their businesses, as well as Non-Transactional Influencers.

ChannelNEXT is the event division of eChannelNEWS and TechnoPlanet Productions Inc., a global marketing and communications firm specialising in the technology channel since 1993. To learn more about TechnoPlanet, go to www.technoplanet.com.

Watch the videos below to find out what attendees thought about our conferences…