Everything you ever wanted to know about doing professional video meetings but were afraid to ask

It’s a topic that we have been digging into since virtual meetings became the norm. I am not alone when I say virtual meetings have become boring, exhausting and frustrating. The current virtual platform experience leaves a lot to be desired. That said, virtual, when done right, can be a lot better than what we have all come to expect during the pandemic.

Many companies beefed up their virtual exposition platforms. Microsoft just did some improvements to TEAMS with one-to-many meetings, so we decided to use TEAMS to run this virtual summit with enhanced broadcasting (great way to show MSP partners how to upsell the solution to their customers).

Organizers have been trying to bring an in-person experience to a computer screen but everyone has failed.


The typical virtual meeting experiences that we have all been enduring is simply not dynamic. It’s a video call. One-to-one or one to few works very well. But one-to-many is where the problem amplifies. It looks like a bunch of talking heads with endless screen sharing presentations. That can drive anyone to simply stop paying attention. We know that the vast majority of our channel community prefers to watch the video recordings on-demand. It’s why we adopted the talk-show mantra “Taped in front of a live audience and broadcasted later everywhere”.

Improving the virtual meeting experience is now something that ANYONE can easily do. It’s all about doing more professional broadcasting of the various content streams in your virtual meetings or large conferences. It delivers a dynamic and more engaging experience.

In a nutshell, it means that your speakers and content feeds are all orchestrated through a device that the organizer can simply push buttons to dynamically switch feeds in real-time. Just like news broadcasting networks. You can have multiple camera views of the speakers. With a little training, one person can direct a professional virtual meeting.

We first did it with our Reseller Choice Virtual Awards Gala earlier this year. We had the main stage set up with multiple cameras on the host that were constantly switching and we had the awards detail screen as a separate feed that could be turned on and off instantly (no screen sharing). We brought up the winners to the virtual stage as usual. We could also add music and even audience sounds. We could play video content in an instant. We could show others live in the stage area. It was a good experience for our first go.

Moving forward, this will become our norm and we will be pushing the envelope even further. Our in-person events will have live broadcasting.

We thought it would be great to have the channel community learn more and explore how they could leverage this for their virtual meetings as well as resell the solution to their customers. Every company has the same problem that channel partners can now solve AND make amazing revenues doing it!

To me, every MSP should take a closer look at their customer base and explore if they need to implement a virtual meeting solution into their business. Rebuild that broad room or congregation into a broadcasting facility. Don’t be surprised to learn that most of your customers need it! Moving forward, a very large percentage of people will prefer or at least want the choice of in-person or virtual meetings.

So, now you have the opportunity to invest 2 hours of your time to listen to 3 top experts in the broadcasting business on what it is, why it matters, how it works and for our MSPs, how to sell it with so little effort!

Join us on June 30. Get the inside scoop on how you can make virtual experiences amazing! Add Managed Virtual Broadcasting-as-a-Service!