Putting Excitement Into Your Next Virtual Events!

Work From Home is not going away. Improving the impact of the virtual meeting experience is going to be critical from an employee engagement and outcome perspective.

Virtual events are here to stay because it can be a smarter and more cost-effective way to meet people versus face-to-face.

Check out this video from our recent event on doing better virtual events. We talked to 3 experts including Dr Andrew Cross who shaped the most popular video production system used worldwide and who brought us IP video production with NDI. We explored all aspects of professional video broadcasting and streaming with Nick Smith and Matt Bain of JB&A.

We saw the hyper-acceleration of video conferencing as a result of the pandemic. It’s now time to improve the virtual experience and integrate it will all in-person events.

Customers of channel partners and vendors may or may not want to meet in-person. Plan on offering options and not assume in-person meetings will be happening anytime soon.

Many are longing to attend in-person events as we roll out of the pandemic, but a large percentage will still prefer to consume the content virtually on-demand. Even those who attend a live event are asking to consume content streamed live from wherever they are (in a lobby, hotel room or outside).

Video streaming allows you to reach a much wider audience and at a much lower cost than face-to-face. Attendees no longer have to convince their employers to spend the money of attending in-person events. This extended reach and economical factor alone will be enough to fuel the virtual component of in-person events.

Recording content for on-demand viewing and social media sharing is another big reason why professional video production is going to be important. As digital marketing and social media dominate in a digital-first economy, generating original and outstanding content is going to be mission critical.

Public live streaming platforms are everywhere and will become more accessible to everyone (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and many more). This opens to unlimited opportunities for streaming and reaching more viewers. Quality broadcasting will most likely become a competitive advantage as more companies adopt the method.

For this event we used Microsoft Teams. You can use any of your favourite platforms like ZOOM, GOOGLE etc. All of these platforms are still being built and improved so it is not yet perfect. That said, improvements are happening daily to put powerful ad professional video production and broadcasting into the hands of anyone.

For MSPs and VARs, now is the time to get in on the ground floor to offer your customers video broadcasting as a service. There is money to be made in selling the tools, training and supporting. Why not figure out a way to offer your clients broadcasting-as-a-service on a monthly recurring revenue?

First step? Connect with the folks at JB&A. They have everything you need and great margins as well as all the expertise to help you get this done!

Want to explore the technology? Check out NewTek.