4 big takeaways from at our recent SaaS & Cloud ChannelNEXT event

In October, we tackled the World of SaaS and Cloud. If you want to check out many solutions to solve problems and sell, then visit eChannelNEWS. Keep on watching as we will continue to add much more in November as we double down on Cyber Security.

On October 28th, we wrapped up the month with a virtual event that focused on the business of selling SaaS & Cloud.

Here are 4 big things that we showcased at the event…

First, we showcased a new book called “Real Results in a Digital-First Economy” that was written by two authors Denis Cauvier and Shane Gibson. Every channel partner and vendor should read this book because it makes the case as to why (and how) every business has to go all-in with a digital-first strategy. We talked about what’s in the book and how both channel partners and vendors can leverage to generate awareness and sales with their clients. Basically, this book can be “personalized” to help sellers educate buyers to close more deals. Review the 45 min recorded session and then get the book!

Second, we showcased a new online portal Channel Partner Alliance members can use to set their goals and reach them through a specific process. At anytime, the user can access curated content to help execute the actions necessary to achieve the goals. Attend Masterclasses every month live with Q&A or watch the recordings on demand. At anytime, you can connect with a coach live or join a peer-group or take professional skills development courses (all seamlessly within the platform). It’s like having an army of digital business coaches always ready to support you, whenever needed, Review the 30 min recorded session and Check it out Live and free for a couple weeks!

Third, we explored a brand new portal for MSPs from MSP Navigator to find the right mix of SaaS and Cloud solutions to build out their solutions’ portfolio. Easily identify the gaps in your solution mix and fill them. More importantly, you get the unbiased business intelligence from your peers. You can also collaborate with your peers on projects. These are early days, but we have more plans to help make this platform a go-to place for MSPs to find what they need! Review the 30 min recorded session and Check it out live! It’s Free to join!

Fourth, we presented the ultimate digital sales assistant for the new digital sales warrior. As with every job in life, you need the right tools to get it done right. Since every B2B sales rep has gone virtual, they need different tools to do their jobs. Once you experience this “digital assistant” for yourself, you will understand why it can become your best friend in driving your sales success in this new digital-first business norm. Review the 30 min recorded session and Check it out live! Sign up with a FREE account to experience the value!

We are constantly reviewing and curating more benefits and value for our Channel Partner Alliance members. Every tool or service we bring to members will help them to build a bigger, better, stronger and smarter business! It’s FREE to become a “Standard” member for the first year. We take 100% of risk for getting participating vendors to subsidize your membership dues! Join now!

We also highlighted a few SaaS and Cloud solutions at the event, but one in particular that’s gaining a lot of traction is from a company called Veriato. It’s a SaaS that manages the behaviors of remote employees in real time. Before the pandemic, this tool may have seemed a bit too intrusive in the employee-employer relationship. However, business managers now have the daunting challenge of managing a workforce that had mostly gone remote. This comes with a whole new set of complex challenges. For example, you need to know if what your employees are doing remotely could jeopardize the security of your company’s data or know if they are really doing their jobs. Dig into to this tool and see how you can customize it for any business requirement to help them manage their remote workforce.

We wrapped this up with our usual freestyle hang out and virtual table top expo where everyone was able to network and explore whatever they wanted. It’s truly awesome what you can learn from just networking with your peers, exchanging ideas or just listening!

“We know the struggle is real and we are here to show that you are not alone. In today’s world, many may feel isolated and stressed. We are all in the same boat so connecting with each other to share whatever is on your mind is probably the biggest thing that our events can do to help”.