Richard Dobosz

Richard Dobosz is a Security Architect with over 25 years of networking and cybersecurity experience.  He’s has helped many clients overcome major security challenges and also enabled the development and launch of next generation security solutions.  He’s an advisor, coach, guide and engineer who has a canny ability to link technology and business together and explain it in a seamless manner.  Richard’s pragmatic approach to security and his consulting with a conscience ™ philosophy has enabled him to be very successful in his career.   He’s shed light on several industry vulnerabilities notably for Checkpoint and AT&T.  He’s one of the good guys that clearly understands the bad guys and is our top general at CrucialLogics – CrucialSecurity in leading the many battles against the villains  in the war against cybercrime.

Speaker Details
  • Security Architect, CrucialLogics