What’s Around The Curve In Cybersecurity?

IOTSSA holds in-person cybersecurity channel conferences. In fact, we have eight such events scheduled for 2023. Cybersecurity, on the other hand, is a moving target. That is why we supplement our live events with virtual events, podcasts, and news interviews. We keep you ahead of the curve 365 days a year! Register and we will keep you up to date on all upcoming events. These events are also live-streamed and recorded for on-demand viewing.

Event Details

We will explore 4 areas in the business of cybersecurity.

1. What to do when you or your customer get hacked?

2. Digital transformation of business is accelerating and that is increase the risks to cybersecurity attacks. How do you bake cybersecurity resilience into digital transformation?

3. Selling cybersecurity I based on the customers tolerance for risks. We will explore how sales and marketing can position risks with their prospects to drive sales.

4. Should you build it in-house or outsource? It depends on a lot of factors including your team's skills, technology stack, customers' demands and compliance requirements. We will explore the topic with SOCs.

Please join on time as we start on-time. Login a few minutes before to test out your system. Grab a drink and some snacks and get ready for the virtual experience. If you have questions or comments just use the chat feature.

A panel of experienced experts will debate the options for dealing with this disaster. We will look at the entire process, from detection to stopping to recovery. Then there's compliance and forensics to figure out exactly what happened.

Cybersecurity is required for digital transformation. The risks increase as businesses transition to a wider distributed workforce and engage with their customers in a digital-first market. How does a cybersecurity framework help you create a digital transformation playbook?

On all aspects of social selling in today's world, we will hear from a leading expert and author. What do salespeople need to know in order to be successful, and what should business owners do to prepare their sales teams and processes for a digital battle for business?

Building in-house can be complicated and costly. Sometimes it is simply impossible due to a lack of resources, such as cybersecurity professionals. Then it's time to enlist the help of a Security Operational Center (SOC). How do you go about locating, evaluating, and selecting the best SOC partner? In this session, we will double-click on this.

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