IOTSSA Cybersecurity Conference and Expo

After speaking with leading cybersecurity expert Lance James (CEO at Unit 221B, Hacker, Coach & Mentor, Board & Security Industry Advisor, Chief Scientist/CEO/CTO/CISO, Legal Expert Witness, Tedx Speaker), he made the following comment that resonated with us…

“Technology is evolving at a breakneck pace. We continue to hear terms like blockchain, NFTs, Web 3.0, and Deep Learning AI, but when you look at the landscape over the last 20 years, our security challenges haven’t changed. What have we learned from watching Red Teams repeat the same attacks and succeed? Moore’s Law does not appear to apply to the security industry, and as new compounding security exploits emerge, we are still struggling to maintain basic security hygiene. We are not technologically advanced in comparison to our adversaries, and this is a fact of life that we must recognize and deal with!”

We agree with this statement. Now what? Let’s deal with it by finding smart ways to push forward with resolute. This event is one part of the mission.

Today, channel partners have an incredible challenge and opportunity to tackle on one of the most complicated and profitable business projects in the world – cybersecurity. 

It’s no longer a choice for anyone to remain vulnerable to cyber assaults. Failure in this area can be disastrous for both the MSP and the end-customer. 

According to a recent poll, 76 percent of CEOs believe that the way they conduct business would change drastically in the next four years. Digital Transformation is the future of business and without cybersecurity there is no digital transformation. As such, cybersecurity and digital transformation are two of the most pressing issues. 

This event will focus on how MSPs and MSSPs can build, scale, and offer the best cybersecurity business practice to customers while protecting themselves. It’s an ongoing journey and this is only one pit stop. Come explore what IoTSSA is doing to help its channel community members succeed every day.


As you may know, approximately 4,300 cyber security vendors exist now, and that number is growing. The choices can be overwhelming. Who do you trust with your business? The options are simply too vast for most individuals.

At this event, we will start to distill this enormous range of choices within a clear and thorough framework for creating the best cybersecurity business practices.  We will address the business of creating an efficient and long-term cyber security practice with the assistance of a vetted collection of vendors and experts. 

Keep in mind that in cybersecurity, there is a "LEFT of BOOM "and a "RIGHT of BOOM". A successful cyberattack breach is the "Boom". Companies must protect themselves from being breached by using a variety of tools, training, and monitoring (Left of Boom), but they must also implement stop, recovery, and forensics actions as soon as they are breached (Right of Boom).

Without a "left of boom" and "right of boom" playbook, a professional cyber security practice is just impossible. We will also show ways in which you can effectively create additional and sustainable revenue streams from continually identifying and filling gaps in cybersecurity.

On October 26, we commence this journey with a town-hall type discussion with the audience to get their thoughts on cybersecurity and then jump into a MasterMind peer-group session. Then we wrap up with some social networking over an open bar and food in the vendor expo while exploring top-shelf cybersecurity solutions. We will probably be carrying on the conversations at the local bar and other fun activities planned by vendors. 

Next day, we kick off with our keynote speaker Sounil Yu. This is going to help you build a framework to improve your cybersecurity posture and service offering. If you want to prepare, please download and read the free e-copy of his book “Cyber Defence Matrix” at The first 100 people to arrive at the on-site registration desk gets a FREE hard copy. We believe that you will be using Sounil’s framework and book as a reference in your cybersecurity business practices moving forward. 

Sit back and get ready for a full day of high-value content that will help you to up your cybersecurity game. We hope to also make it as enjoyable as possible.

While the vendors are setting up, we will be offering something interesting to all those who have arrived early. Want to know how solve your pain points with a MasterMind peer-group? Come experience it for FREE! Learn more about this at We will kist things off with an open town-hall type discussion to find out what's on your minds and to start exchanging ideas.

The expo hall will be opened with drinks and snacks.

We continue to fine tune the content and add speakers for this event as we discuss all the options with Council and Advisory members. Fitting all of the content that we want to deliver into one day is not easy as we have enough to fill several days.

We will be adjusting the lineup accordingly. Keep checking back often and we will be sending the final agenda to all registrants.

A great opportunity to meet and greet your peers before we get started. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Welcome to the IoTSSA Cybersecurity Channel Conference. Our global channel development and news organization (TechnoPlanet) has acquired the IoTSSA events as part of our expansion in the cybersecurity channel. We have redesigned a few things to help you get more value and much more to come.

MSPs need smart solutions to prevent cyber threats to themselves and their clients. But, did you know there are over 4,000 security vendors on the market today?

Who do you choose? Which vendor will you trust? Who has the right solution for you? How do you implement these solutions effectively? How do you market this to your clients? You will find the answer to these and other important questions at this event!

We have invited the best vendors in the cybersecurity market to meet you.They will share their knowledge and showcase how their solution can help you.

At the end of this event you will discover the right cybersecurity solutions so you are a step ahead of the hackers and your competitors.

We kick off this event with the amazing "Cyber Defence Matrix" created by Sunil Yu, CISO, Juniper Networks. It's a tool that many CISOs leverage to do their jobs. It's going to give you the perspective and framework from which to build a leading-edge cybersecurity business practice.

Clarify your cybersecurity stack with a consistent mapping tool that identifies gaps and areas for improvement. A tool to help service providers communicate existing risk profiles with customers more effectively. Knowing when and how to make changes to your cybersecurity practice can mean the difference between success and failure. Using this matrix framework, you can take control of the process and protect yourself and your customers. You will hear from the creator and author of this matrix, on which many CISOs rely.

To receive a FREE e-COPY of the book go to:

First 100 registrations will a FREE hard copy of the book when they pick up their badge on-site.

When you control your security, you are in front of it rather than chasing it. Aside from the fundamentals, Zero Trust policies should be the first, not the last step in securing environments. Beyond improved security, the result is improved IT hygiene in general. This session will teach you how to stay ahead of the ever-present cybersecurity threat to both yourself and your clients.

Hackers only need to be correct once. You must be correct every day of the year. This session walks us through the most recent PEN testing to see how environments are vulnerable to attacks in real time. PEN testing, whether using AI or humans, is an essential component of your cybersecurity services. Discover the most recent advancements in “always-on” PEN testing for maximum security.

Speakers: Panel Webroot, Ascend Technologies, MSSP

We are all aware of the extensive range of critical IT services that MSPs and MSSPs provide to their clients. What is the true impact of these partners on cyber risk reduction? You will investigate the findings of a recent research project in which they were able to assess the client's insurability, likelihood of a breach, and overall impact the partner has had on their clients using real client data.

Speaker: Max Henderson, Chief Data Officer

The best CISOs are always prepared for anything, from left to right of “boom”. A panel of cybersecurity experts will discuss the latest hacker tactics and how you can combat them. They will also extrapolate the patterns to help you understand where the hackers are going in the future so you can be better prepared. We will also look at how they handle compliance issues, evaluate technologies, and manage users in a zero-trust environment.

Speaker: Matt Lee CISO PAX8 moderates a panel of CISOs and SOCs

Lunch is always a great social networking!

Each vendor gets 3 minutes to make their sales pitch. Channel partners can quickly assess if this vendor can be a fit. Everyone will receive a link with the vendors listed to instantly vote for their favourite pitch. Simply make your selection and done.

You will also get a chance to win some CASH as a "thank-you-for-voting".

When you are hit with a right of boom (breach), the first thing that comes to mind is to determine whether your data is truly safe for a wipe and restore. First, you must put an end to the breach. Then, as soon as possible, restore business uptime. Finally, conduct a thorough forensic investigation to determine what occurred and gather evidence for compliance and possible prosecution. Then it's a matter of resolving the issue to keep it from happening again.

Speaker: Matt Scully, Channel Chief Redstor

The digital transformation of business is accelerating everywhere. However, digital transformation simply cannot occur without cybersecurity. These two major trends are "joined at the hip." This is a huge opportunity for MSPs to combine the two topics into a single, powerful, comprehensive message to drive revenue.

Whether we like it or not, the channel ecosystem is changing. Existing channel partners must understand the implications for their business. This is a huge opportunity for channel partners to grow their businesses in areas they had never considered before. We will discuss the next generation channel partner environment as well as these new opportunities for MSPs.

Speaker: Julian Lee Published eChannelNEWS

An API is used by most applications. Most of the internet traffic is the result of API queries. How important is API security in terms of cybersecurity? How do you keep APIs safe? An investigation into the subject will provide insights and will investigate how APIs can be better protected. We will also discuss the risks of APPs (particularly APPs that have not been approved by the company) and how you can mitigate the risk.

Speakers: Panel APP and API vendors TBA

Hiring top talent for cybersecurity positions is a major challenge today. It is prudent to approach this problem from two perspectives. First, make sure you have a solid employee retention strategy in place. Second, with the help of professional education and certification courses, broaden your hiring goals to include apprentices. In this session, you will learn how to train people to become cybersecurity professionals while using automation to speed up the process.

To future-proof their own and their clients' businesses, MSPs must stay ahead of the digital-first economy. We'll discuss the most recent best practices for doing business and selling cybersecurity in a digital-first world, as well as four powerful tools to help them do so (Marketplace, Marketing Automation, Marketing Research, Peer-Group)

Speakers: Panel moderated by Julian Lee with speakers from Spiisee, StructuredWeb, Quantilope and Channel Partner Alliance.

We will do a brief recap and field some questions from the audience in a town-hall type format. We want you to go home with real value and to help you solve your urgent pain points.

We wrap up the expo around 6:00 PM to be in time at the dinner venue.

Join us for an evening of fun, networking and prizes!


How can I attend this event?

Register. To all registered participants who applied and were accepted (MSPs, MSSPs, SOCs, CISOs and industry cybersecurity professionals), we will send out the location as well as other information. 


After completing your registration, you will receive the link for making a reservation. You can also book using this link: 

What about COVID?

We chose a location that, in our opinion, is best adapted to safeguarding the health and welfare of our visitors. Seating and booths will be set up with adequate spacing. You can choose to wear a face mask, if you wish. If you feel ill and think you may have Covid-19, please remain at home!
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How are my personal data managed in terms of privacy?

We don't divulge your data to anyone. You must personally exchange your contact information with a vendor or other party if you want to interact with them. 

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