IOTSSA Cybersecurity EXPO & Top Golf

Keynote: Joy Belinda Beland, CISM, SSAP, CMMC PI PA

IOTSSA one-day events at the highly popular at TOPGOLF venues. This event combines cybersecurity with golf and socializing. Join us in Edison, New Jersey to learn the latest in cybersecurity while enjoying the experience!

Joy Belinda Beland, CISM, SSAP, CMMC PI PA, will be the keynote at the Edison event. She is the Vice President of Partner Strategy and Cyber Education, a CMMC-AB Provisional Instructor and Assessor, an Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessor, and a Program Manager.

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If you want more, stay for the next day to experience a Mastermind Peer-Group session from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Collaborate with your peers to solve your biggest pain points in ways you never imagined. Learn more about the Mastermind experience. If you want to continue the journey, join a permanent Mastermind peer-group!

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OPTIONAL: Attend the Mastermind Peer Group Session on the day AFTER the IOTSSA event on March 31!
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Approximately 4,300 cyber security vendors exist, and that number is growing. Who do you trust with your business? The options are simply too vast for most individuals.

At this event, we will start to distill this enormous range of choices within a clear and thorough framework for creating the best cybersecurity business practices.  We will address the business of creating an efficient and long-term cyber security practice with the assistance of a vetted collection of vendors and experts. We will also have some fun social networking with golfing games 

Join us for a one day TopGolf event at the

IOTSSA Cybersecurity EXPO

in Edison, New Jersey on March 30, 2023.

So what is Topgolf? This is a sports entertainment complex that features an inclusive, high-tech golf game that everyone can enjoy. Paired with an outstanding food and beverage menu, climate-controlled hitting bays and music, every Topgolf has an energetic hum that you can feel right when you walk through the door.

Keep in mind that in cybersecurity, there is a "LEFT of BOOM "and a "RIGHT of BOOM". A successful cyberattack breach is the "Boom". Companies must protect themselves from being breached by using a variety of tools, training, and monitoring (Left of Boom), but they must also implement stop, recovery, and forensics actions as soon as they are breached (Right of Boom). Without a "left of boom" and "right of boom" playbook, a professional cyber security practice is just impossible.

We will also show ways in which you can effectively create additional and sustainable revenue streams from continually identifying and filling gaps in cybersecurity.

Register and get ready for this ONE Day IOTSSA TopGolf event that will assist you in improving all level of your cyber defence... and maybe your golf score.

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Exhibitors will be hosting their exclusive golf-bay area to showcase their solutions and do some fun golf games.


Do I need to be a good golf player to participate?
Whether you’re an aspiring golf pro or picking up a club for the first time, Topgolf is fun for all. And it’s a unique way to share fun time with business friends and partners in a very non-corporate setting. Ditch the boring stuffy conference rooms. Corporate team building events at Topgolf are like nowhere else.

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