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Most would agree that digital transformation is the future of business but without cybersecurity there is no digital transformation. As such, cybersecurity and digital transformation are connected as two of the most pressing issues. 

This event will focus on how MSPs and MSSPs can build, scale, market and sell the best cybersecurity managed services while protecting themselves. Check out the content from the most recent event. It’s an ongoing journey 365 days a year and this is only one pit stop.

Discover the many ways in which IOTSSA is helping their channel association members to do cyber right. It’s FREE to join IOTSSA! The IOTSSA conferences to be the primary meeting points of our Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem. Learn more about IOTSSA.

This is not the typical cybersecurity event! It is the home of the Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem that we are developing to help the channel community do cyber right. Download a detailed overview to learn more.

The complete agenda for this upcoming conference on February 16-17 will be updated accordingly. It’s going to be high-value content that you will not want to miss so reserve your seat now.

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Approximately 4,300 cyber security vendors exist, and that number is growing. The choices can be overwhelming. Who do you trust with your business? The options are simply too vast for most individuals.

At this event, we will start to distill this enormous range of choices within a clear and thorough framework for creating the best cybersecurity business practices.  We will address the business of creating an efficient and long-term cyber security practice with the assistance of a vetted collection of vendors and experts. 

Keep in mind that in cybersecurity, there is a "LEFT of BOOM "and a "RIGHT of BOOM". A successful cyberattack breach is the "Boom". Companies must protect themselves from being breached by using a variety of tools, training, and monitoring (Left of Boom), but they must also implement stop, recovery, and forensics actions as soon as they are breached (Right of Boom).

Without a "left of boom" and "right of boom" playbook, a professional cyber security practice is just impossible. We will also show ways in which you can effectively create additional and sustainable revenue streams from continually identifying and filling gaps in cybersecurity.

Along this two day journey is a town-hall type discussion with the audience to get their thoughts on cybersecurity and a MasterMind peer-group session. We usually wrap up with a Social Hour in the EXPO exploring top-shelf cybersecurity solutions. We will probably be carrying on the conversations at the local bar and other fun activities planned by vendors. 

Register asap and get ready for two full days of high-value content that will assist you in improving your level of cyber defence. We also added some surprise entertainment, to make these important days as enjoyable as possible.

Download draft agenda CLICK HERE

The agenda is currently being finalized, and we are in the process of adding speakers and approving exhibitors. In other words, we want this event experience to be all you hoped it would be. Because of the time and care we put into crafting the schedule, we believe we can successfully meet and even exceed your expectations. Every week, we'll be adding new content to the schedule, so be sure to check back periodically.

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How can I attend this event?

Register. To all registered participants who applied and were accepted (MSPs, MSSPs, SOCs, CISOs and industry cybersecurity professionals), we will send out the exact location as well as other information. 

How do I book a hotel room?

After completing your registration, you will receive the link for making a reservation in your confirmation email.

What about COVID?

We chose a location that, in our opinion, is best adapted to safeguarding the health and welfare of our visitors. Seating and booths will be set up with adequate spacing. You can choose to wear a face mask, if you wish. If you feel ill and think you may have Covid-19, please remain at home!
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How are my personal data managed in terms of privacy?

We don't divulge your data to anyone. You must personally exchange your contact information with a vendor or other party if you want to interact with them. 

Who do I contact for additional inquiries?

Visit "Contact" to get in touch with us.

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Channel Champion
MSP Growth Coalition
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Matt Scully
Channel Chief
Luis Giraldo
Luis Girlado
CXO at ScalePad
Mark Porter
Chairman and CEO
High Wire Networks, Inc.
Matt Lee
Matt Lee
Senior Director of Security and Compliance
Len DiCostanzo
Global Channel Executive and Thought Leader Accelerating Tech Channel Sales, Partner Success, Community Development, Alliance Building and Product Value
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Max Henderson
DataStream Cyber Insurance
Sounil Yu
CISO | Author | Cyber Strategist | Board Member | Advisor | Scientist
Jupiter One
Michelle Ragusa-McBain
Provider Elevate, Leader for the Global Partner Organization MSP
Jay McBain
Chief Analyst – Channels, Partnerships & Ecosystems
Paolo Del Nibletto
Channel Chief
Randal Wark
Conference Host, Mastermind Facilitator
Julian Lee
Julian Lee has been the president and CEO of TechnoPlanet for 30 years. He is currently the publisher of and enjoys his role of delivering the latest news every day to the channel business community. His core business is helping tech companies to market their products and build channel partner ecosystems.
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