How to get started on your Path to 5G Success

5G is here. How can MSPs get started now to build out a managed services business practice around 5G? We will explore this huge growth opportunity and journey.

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No, it’s not something that’s coming soon. 5G is already here and is growing fast! Every MSP should have a 5G strategy in 2022.

Today’s organizations must be agile and must deliver fast and secure communications of all types including 5G, which is a giant leap forward in cellular networking.

This event will bring together 5G providers, sellers and users to discuss how 5G WAN is a game-changer for everyone and every business (especially MSPs).

We will discuss how MSPs can offer this revolutionary 5G WAN solution to their clients while building more profitable managed services. We will demonstrate how MSPs can quickly solve complex WAN solutions for their clients with the power of 5G. Find out why migrating clients to 5G is good for them and for you.

What does 5G do?

● Connects people, places, and things
● Delivers nonstop WAN availability
● Let's people go wireless with confidence
● Allows you to manage more with less

What types of networking 5G does extremely well?

● All-in-One Branch Networking
● Next-Generation Mobile Networks
● Secure, Flexible IoT Networks
● Get started on your path to 5G success!

Register for this event. Attend live, watch the livestream or get the recording to view on-demand.

We look forward to welcoming you and highlight the key takeaways that you will get from attending this session.

We will discuss one of the biggest topics in the tech industry with a variety of guest speakers that know. The topic is 5G but we will focus on how MSPs can leverage with their clients today and build for the future. Every business can dramatically benefit by having a 5G network in terms of performance, productivity, security and cost-savings. It is the connectivity of the future that allows big ideas to become real like IoT and high-performance mobility.

The experts at Cradlepoint will do a quick demonstration of their 5G solutions for some hands-on experience as well as answer your questions.

The event closes or you can connect with the Cradlepoint team to continue the conversation.


How do I LOGIN to this event?

Sessions will be conducted via Zoom. Registered participants will receive the link to the Zoom session via email. Everything will be outlined in the confirmation email that you will receive after registering.

Can I see the livestream of this event?

Yes, register and you will receive the links to watch the livestream (no login required). However, if you want to participate and ask questions, then you must be on the ZOOM platform. You will receive the ZOOM link when you register.

How will I know if my system is compatible to access the online event?

There will be a system pre-test link for you to run and that will confirm if you are ready or not.

Will I be able to get a recording of the event?

Yes. Much of the general content sessions are recorded and automatically sent to only those who registered to the event. Some sessions may not be recorded for privacy concerns.

Is the online platform secure?

We choose platforms that are secure and we do not host public events. All attendees must register with a valid e-mail address and must sign in with the same e-mail address to enter. Our team will monitor the event and be able to intervene, if necessary. Please understand that we do not allow to post links in the chat. That said, never share any confidential information with anyone during a virtual event.

Can I use the same link and password to allow my colleagues to access?

No. Everyone must register individually.

How is the privacy of my information handled?

We do NOT store your information on the system after the event is closed. Nothing stays accessible through the Internet. We do not share your information with anyone. If you want to connect with a vendor or others, you must exchange your details.

Event Details
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