Effortless Ways to improve your Security Posture

MSPs understands that improving the cyber security of their customers (and themselves) is mission critical. Failure here is not an option.

With more than 4,000 cyber security vendors in the market, how do you select the right mix? How do you stay on top of the latest cyber security solutions for yourselves and your clients? How will you prevent the next cyber attack from happening? What will you do when you or our client is breached?

This event will answer the important questions by first helping you to improve your security posture immediately!

Event Details

How do you stay on top of the latest cyber security threats and solutions for yourselves and your clients?

The challenge is how you can do it in an effective and affordable way that is also manageable. In this session, we will explore how MSPs can quickly and easily improve the security posture of their clients and themselves.

With the current shortage in recruiting cyber security experts, finding manageable ways to effectively improve your cyber security posture is critically important!

Here are a few items we will be covering:

• What steps that you can immediately take to drastically elevate your security posture?
• How using a connection manager that allows for extensive automation while handling credential management, improves security as well as productivity, at the same time.
• How a centralized tool can offer visibility and logging of which person made use of a shared account.
• Bastion servers are well known for constraining contractors, prevent lateral movement and protecting core servers of your infrastructure.
• How an affordable “Privileged Access Management” solution can be deployed for larger accounts to allow for alerts and notifications, advanced workflows including approval mechanisms where permission must be granted prior to accessing a resource.

We look forward to welcoming you and highlight the key takeaways that you will get from attending this session.

We will have a candid discussion with facts on the topic and explore realistic ways in which any MSP can immediately improve their cyber security posture like an expert. If you are a seasoned cyber security professional or MSSP or SOC, you will also see how you can streamline and improve your managed services.

Cyber security protection is on the top of the list of most companies. Continually adding layers upon layers of protection applications and services may not be the right path. It may be time to take a step back and digest what is really happening on the frontlines today and tomorrow in cyber attacks so you can better defend your position.

Remember, best practices never remain best forever. In this discussion we will explore what you really need to know and get right in your cyber security mission.

Sometimes just talking about cyber security is not enough. You need to see exactly what the protection looks like, how it works and how you can deploy and manage. In this brief demo, you will see how to spin up this cyber protection and how manageable it truly is. You will understand exactly why this matters to your cyber security posture.

You can bring your questions and we will answer in real-time!

The event closes or you can connect with the cyber security team to continue the conversation.


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