ChannelNEXT WEST (In-Person)

2023 will be our 21st year in doing ChannelNEXT events!

Learn about the latest ways to grow your business in three of the hottest markets in the channel: Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence! You cannot have digital transformation without Cybersecurity and AI is impacting both. Plus, we are adding sustainability!

After 21 years, it is still our mission to continually evolve to bring the best experience and most relevant in-person events to our Canadian channel community! You will learn from several leading MSPs and other experts who really KNOW your business! And, of course, amazing vendors to solve problems and make lots of money!

ChannelNEXT will feed the mind, body, and soul!

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This October, we will be in Canmore, Alberta at a new independent resort with amazing mountain views – the gateway into Banff. We always support local businesses!

Event Details

ChannelNEXT is a unique Canadian channel experience focused on practical insights for the growth of MSPs and vendors. Join us in a fantastic resort setting for a great blend of work and fun. We'll cover four key areas:

1. Cybersecurity solutions and best business practices.
2. Digital Transformation in a digital-first world.
3. The impact of Artificial Intelligence on the channel.
4. The importance of sustainability.

Successful Managed Service Providers will share their secrets of success, focusing on effective strategies and lessons learned. Participating companies and presenters aim to provide valuable solutions and insights without overwhelming sales pitches.

In the Lions' Den, vendors have three minutes to make their best pitch, allowing you to quickly assess if they are a good fit. The audience will even have the opportunity to vote for the best pitch, with cash prizes awarded!

ChannelNEXT also offers Mastermind Peer-Group sessions, allowing you to solve current pain points and experience the power of a peer network.

Face-to-face social networking is a significant aspect of these events, giving you an opportunity to connect with industry professionals and learn from their experiences.

MSPs, ITSPs, ISVs, and VARs are all welcome to attend for free, with special group rates available for overnight accommodations (register early to secure availability).

If you're looking to develop or scale a sustainable and predictable managed-service recurring revenue business, ChannelNEXT is the perfect fit!

Join us and discover why our guests consistently rate us at 98 percent satisfaction. We continually work to improve the overall experience.

Lastly, we are excited to announce the availability of the Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem (CDE) in Canada. This exclusive offering, available only at ChannelNEXT events, provides everything you need to build and scale your cybersecurity business. Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity. Learn more at

Stay tuned for updates on speakers, topics, and vendors as we continually update the information.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the sessions you can expect at ChannelNEXT:

  1. Mark Scott (Telus) will share insights on selling your company for the highest possible price.
  2. Jeffery Jansen (PC Corp) and Julian Galley (Compugen) will discuss sustainability and best practices for future-proofing your business.
  3. Michael Contento (My Blue Umbrella MSP) offers leadership insights following a merger.
  4. Jay Mcbain (Canalys) provides an update on the state of the channel and emerging MSP trends.
  5. Shane Gibson dives into selling with AI in a digital-first economy.
  6. Julian Lee (TechnoPlanet) shares his discoveries about the future of MSPs.
  7. Mangol Logan (TrendMicro) discusses hacker psychology and operations.
  8. Miles Walker (Kaseya) explores how MSPs can streamline operations and boost profits.
  9. Fadi Mansour (Cradlepoint) demonstrates how MSPs can tap into the 5G B2B market.
  10. Chris Black (Jolera) helps you navigate building vs. outsourcing cybersecurity solutions.
  11. Cindy Beange (Aruba/HPE) showcases enterprise-class networking solutions.
  12. Stephen Nichols (Aruba) reveals strategies for simplifying cybersecurity.
  13. Tim Brien (Net2Phone) delves into Microsoft Teams, UCaaS, and VoIP solutions.
  14. Noah Jacobs (Cyberpower) presents power management solutions.
  15. Siimon Tsai (QNAP) highlights high-performance NAS and storage solutions.
  16. Randal Wark (Channel Partner Alliance) guides you through the Mastermind Peer-Group journey.
  17. Jaap Mantel (Data and More) shares insights on managing data and compliance.
  18. Laura Prefontaine (ITCloud) explains how MSPs can increase their Microsoft book of business.
  19. ZOHO, an affordable productivity solutions alternative to Microsoft, showcases their offerings.
  20. Cambium Networks provides critical remote networking access solutions.
  21. Extreme Networks offers secure network solutions for large audiences.
  22. Explore the one-stop shop for cybersecurity, the Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem.
  23. Michael Becce (PR) demonstrates how PR can enhance the value and growth of your MSP business.
  24. NIRIX makes work-from-anywhere virtual desktop services easy and secure.
  25. Kaspersky debunks cybersecurity myths and showcases their industry-leading solutions.

And much more to come! Stay tuned for additional updates and join us at ChannelNEXT to gain valuable insights and network with industry professionals.


We start at 10 AM to give you a bit more time to arrive. However, you are welcome to join us early (starting at 8:00 AM) to enjoy a meet and greet over breakfast snacks before we get started.

Looking forward to meeting everyone! We will overview what to expect over the next two days. You will have access to an e-guide with full schedule.

We kick things off with the state of the channel and market trends by Jay McBain, Principal Analyst at Canalys and Julian Lee, editor of eChannelNEWS.

Twenty speakers will share the latest on Cybersecurity (including the launch of the Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem), Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability! MSP business topics will include building value and selling your MSP business; Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in your sales and marketing efforts plus the latest in best practices for future-proofing your company. Five of the top MSPs in the country will be sharing their insights. The speakers will be available for you to meet and discuss further over two days! This is your opportunity to pick the brains of some of the best thought-leaders in the industry.

Be prepared for two days of extreme business building - and fun!

How is the channel doing in the current economy and what should you be expecting? What are the latest trends that channel partners should focus on? Presented by Jay McBain, Principle Analysts at Canalys.

Are you looking to sell your MSP business?

Many MSPs are looking to exit or merge with others. How do you prepare your company to get the best evaluation? What is the process? What is the right timing? What are the expectations? How does it work after the merger?

There are many moving parts to selling or merging a business. In this session, you will get the inside scoop from one of the leading MSPs in the country and their journey into mergers and acquisitions. Mark Scott, Prescient of MSP growth at TELUS Business is constantly acquiring MSPs.

Coffee, tea, drinks and snacks are available throughout the day!

Before selling your MSP business, it's wise to build as much valuation as possible to ensure you get the highest selling price. In this session Michael Contento, a leading MSP, will share his journey on how he recently merged his company. He also wrote a book about leadership and will share some insights in being the best leader you can be.

What are the latest best practices of MSPs? How can sustainability become a competitive advantage and why it's important? We will also talk about the future of Managed Services (the next generation MSP).

Big questions we will explore with two leading MSPs who truly know the answers.

A scrumptious lunch with an amazing view! A great opportunity to also network with everyone.

Each participating vendor gets 3 minutes to make their perfect sales pitch to the entire audiences. (See the sponsor section for all participating vendors).

Channel partners can quickly assess which vendor can be a fit for their solutions' portfolio.

Everyone in the audience will receive a link to instantly vote for their favourite pitch. And, you get a chance to win $500 cash as a "thank-you-for-voting".

See details of all sessions in the conference e-guide!

Get ready for ten power sessions featuring select vendors and thought-leaders as they take to the stage in a brief talk-show or presentation format. These sessions will focus around core topics such as Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence, including 5G, Business Automation, Networking, Productivity, Compliance/Regulations and the latest in Data Protection.

We discourage the usual slide-deck presentations to focus on what's most important the channel partners! These 15-minute sessions are engaging and bring the audience into the discussion. (It's also recorded for you to review and share).

All speakers will be available over the two days to answer your questions.

Speed Introductions is back! Vendors and delegates meet over an open bar and snacks. One of our most fun social networking activities! Lots of prize give-aways! All happens in the Expo area.

Join us for more great food, drinks and entertainment. A great opportunity to meet and network with everyone and have some fun!

Everyone meets over breakfast to kick off day 2!

As the digital-first economy accelerates even faster with Artificial Intelligence, it's the people who can best average AI who will be the big winners. Fear not AI, but the humans who can manipulate it!

In this session, Shane Gibson will share the latest playbook on how Sales and Marketing can 10X ROI with AI. This can apply to MSPs as well as their clients! MSPs may want to considering offering this educational service and training to their clients!

If you are selling or marketing anything, you will want to catch this session! Ask about bringing this powerful knowledge and skill to your entire team!

Getting into the minds of hackers to better prepare a more effective cybersecurity defence posture.

This session aims to showcase distinct post-exploitation scenarios leveraging Kubernetes:

How attackers stay hidden after compromising a K8s cluster.

We'll dig deep into an attack scenario using real-world applications to show different ways attackers and malicious users can use to exploit your K8s cluster and the applications running on it. We'll start from compromising a pod to showcase different ways of performing privilege escalation to escaping the container and accessing the node.

We'll demonstrate techniques attackers can use to avoid detection with sidecar containers and later become a K8s cluster admin, fully compromising the victim's environment.

After that, we'll showcase how to leverage audit logs and indicators of compromise together with K8s security features to detect and respond to these scenarios and leverage runtime security tools such as Falco to create and deploy rules to detect and respond to such attacks.

You will have access to a leading cybersecurity expert over 2 days to ask whatever you like.

Coffee, tea, drinks and snacks are available throughout the day!

Introducing everything you need in one resource to do Cybersecurity right!

This is truly a game-changer in Cybersecurity Managed Services! Built exclusively for MSPs, MSSPs and SOCs. See Built in Canada!

On top of that we will be announcing a partnership with the Cyber Security Global Alliance that will bring a whole new level of cyber support to the channel community (It's a lot to unpack the full value and reassures that this will bring, but you can read the initial announcement at

It currently features over 50 CISO-vetted solutions and 10 powerful business services currently available to help channel partners build and scale their cybersecurity business practice.

We will also highlight two of the latest solutions in the fight against cybercrime! Both making their debut to the channel.

You will only find this at ChannelNEXT!

Digital transformation has become fundamental to just about every business. This year, the era of AI such as ChatGPT is everywhere and impacting just about everything we do. Cybersecurity is mission critical to every company.

Managing Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability is the key to future-proofing your manage service business.

Julian Lee will host this power panel discussion composed of channel partners and experts to talk about finding the right balance. We will explore what's on the horizon as we enter this new era of AI.

Lunch in the Expo Hall

A powerful new feature at ChannelNEXT!

We will host an extended Q and A town-hall MSP OPEN discussion. This is your opportunity to ask any question and get the right answers from some of the most successful channel partners in the country! What ever happens in this town hall, stays there!

Last lunch with networking and many prize give-aways.

You do not have to join a peer-group if you do not want to, but we would strongly encourage everyone to experience this Mastermind Peer-group for themselves.

It may be the best thing you do to improve your success and life. You can only know this for sure, after you experience it for yourself. Ask anyone about their experience and get their honest feedback. It is truly amazing!

Get together with a small group of your peers to discuss your pain points and brainstorm solutions. If you have never experienced a Mastermind peer-group before then you are in for a treat! You will be amazed how this can help you solve most of your problems. 

Vendors can also join the groups so everyone can help each other. An expert facilitator will guide everyone through the process and thought-provoking journey that is also enjoyable.

There is an option for you to join a permanent peer-group to carry on the collaboration throughout the year! To learn more

We hope you gained a lot of new and valuable knowledge that will help your business, made solid partnerships with our sponsor vendors as well as connected with your peers, and of course, enjoyed yourself.

If there is anything you missed or need, you know how to reach us. We are there to help our community. Please subscribe to to stay up to date!

We appreciate you attending our event!

Have a safe journey home! We look forward to seeing you in 2024.

We will be staying back for at last another day so if you are also sticking around, we hope to see you post event!

Thank you!



- Who may attend this event in-person for FREE?

All types of channel partners (MSPs, VARS, ITSPs, Solutions Providers) as well as extended partners in the ecosystem (digital transformation consultants, telcos, digital agencies, accounting firms, consultants). After you register, we will review and notify you accordingly.

- Are you a vendor or distributor?

You will need to qualify for a guest pass. There is a fee for this. Are you an independent software vendor (ISV)? You may attend this event for free but some restrictions apply.

- How do I attend this event in person?

Register. We will send the location details to all qualified registrants.

- How do I cancel my attendance?

If you have registered and cannot attend, please cancel. That allows us to invite another person from the waiting list. There is a no-show fee of $395.00.

- What is minimum age of attendees?

Attendees must be 18 years or older.

- Is the event recorded?

Most of the general content sessions are recorded and will be published on the e-channelnews website. Some sessions (Mastermind peer groups) may not be recorded for privacy concerns.

- How do I book the hotel room?

Register and the hotel booking link will be sent in the confirmation email.

- How is my privacy of information handled?

We do NOT store your information after the event is closed. Registrations are handled by Eventbrite with the highest level of security. We do not share your information with anyone. If you want to connect with a vendor or others, you must exchange your details with them directly and we provide a tool for you to easily connect and request more info.

Pledge for diversity and inclusion:ChannelNEXT is a welcoming environment for everybody. We take equality and diversity very seriously. Our events are completely safe zones, and no negative remarks or behaviour are tolerated. We have a strict policy of no tolerance!

- Still have more questions?

Contact the ChannelNEXT events team!

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