ChannelNEXT East (In-Person + Live- Streaming)

Now in its 20th year, ChannelNEXT continues to be an outstanding business-building experience for channel partners and vendors. (Click here to register now

(Version française See “General Details”)

The event will be in Manoir Saint Sauveur Hotel in St-Sauveur, Quebec. This hotel is newly renovated and amazing! If you wish to stay overnight and join us for dinner and some extra social networking, this is also an option. (Special group rate for accommodations are available.)

What will you learn to help your business? In one word “BEAUCOUP”!

Our new format and content are all about delivering the best business education that matters today in a safe and enjoyable way. Come out to learn and network with your peers but also to show your support to vendors who are investing to come to your local region to meet you. Your support encourages more investment and support from vendors in your local market.

Exhibiting vendors offer top solutions in the hottest categories, including: Cyber Security, Work From Everywhere, everything Microsoft, Networking, Cloud and Digital Transformation. Several Cloud Distributors will also be there to showcase a wide variety of SaaS with Managed Services. New this year is everything about building managed services around 5G Networks. We will also be talking a lot about the digital transformation of your customers and how you can lead the way.

We will be doubling down on helping solve real pain points that MSPs are having today, like hiring and retaining talent, scaling and expanding managed services, finding new customers and of course solving the cyber security problem.

Our Mastermind peer-group session will go deeper to help you overcome more challenges.

Of course, you will also get to network and have fun with friends and peers. It’s now more important than ever as we dig out of the mental stress we all endured over the past couple years. Enjoying some great food and drinks should also help!

It’s simply going to be good day for feeding your business mind, body and soul.

NEW: The channel ecosystem is evolving and so are we!!!

While traditional “transactional” channel partners (MSPs, VARs etc) are still at the core, there is a massive influx of non-traditional (and non-transactional) channel partners entering the ecosystem. They do things differently from traditional channel partners. Some influence. Some consult. Some just make recommendations. Some offer a completely different set of services like digital marketing or accounting but also offer some managed services. You also have Independent Software Vendors (ISV) developing thousands of business applications and that also work with channel partners to promote and deploy as well as support with cloud, cyber security, BDR etc. You also have the digital transformation experts helping businesses gear up in a digital-first world and need a partner ecosystem to deliver all managed services. You also have telecommunications companies offering broadband, 5G, networking as well as managed services. Today, we are witnessing this ongoing transformation of the channel ecosystem so we have also been gearing up to bring all parties together to explore new business opportunities. The World runs on technology and most every company is already a technology-first company. Channel partners who embrace and collaborate with this extended community will drive more sales. Expect to see more of these “non-transactional” organizations at our events. Learn more about this next generation of the Channel Partner Ecosystem.

Some of the Vendors who will be exhibiting:

Event Details

Literally, you will grow your business if you were to partner with any or all vendors and distributors that will be at this event. 100% of the exhibitors offer solutions that are best-of-breed in just about every category!

We are very excited to be back to in-person events but in a smart way until this pandemic is under predictable and sustainable control. The first few events that we did in 2021 have proven to be very successful as well as safe and enjoyable. (Please read about ChannelNEXT health guidelines in the FAQ.)

However, if you are just not ready to meet in-person, then you can catch the livestream from wherever you are or request the recordings for on-demand viewing. Your choice!

The core mission at ChannelNEXT is to deliver practical insights on driving more success for MSPs and vendors.

Everything will be building on the latest digital transformation of business, sales people, marketing, leadership and of course the technologies. All mission-critical best-practice requirements for today’s channel partners.

We will cover several hot topics, but based on the feedback we received from MPS, they want us to double down on 3 key areas:

1. Finding new customers and hiring in a digital-first economy
2. Growing predictable and sustainable monthly recurring revenue
3. Leading the digital transformation of business

We will hear from a panel of leading MSPs as they share their secrets of success in a candid talkshow discussion. Why are some MSPs so successful while others are struggling? What is working? What does not work? We will dig in. Ask questions!

Participating vendors and guest speakers are focused on delivering the best solutions, insights and value to MSPs, without the sales pitches.

We only invite relevant-to-the-channel expert speakers who actually “live" on the frontlines of the channel. If you only want celebrity speakers, then you will not find them here! We only invite speakers who truly understand the MSP's business needs and the IT industry.

You will experience the fast-paced Lions' Den, where participating vendors get 3-minutes to deliver their best pitch. Fastest and most enjoyable way to know if a vendor is a fit. You get to vote on best pitch and there is some cash to be won!

ChannelNEXT is also where channel partners and vendors come together to experience life-changing Mastermind Peer-Group sessions and Masterclasses. This unique group learning, collaboration and exchange of ideas is where stronger business partnerships (as well as personal relationships) are built.

In-Person social networking is always at the core of these events. If you have already attended a ChannelNEXT event, then you know what it means. As we slowly roll into a manageable endemic, everyone will be looking for more in-person contact with others. As such, we will be ramping up our social networking activities as conditions improve, but always in a safe way. We will be hosting and open bar with speed introductions. If you wish, you may also to stay back for the evening (with our without overnight accommodations) to enjoy dinner and more.

NEW! We now offer attendees to bring up to 2 additional colleagues (their bubble) to experience the event together. Sharing the experience and collaborating can be great for team building!

All MSPs, ITSPs, ISVs and VARs are invited to attend the full event for FREE. Special group rate for overnight accommodations available.

We designed ChannelNEXT to be a right-size VIP event whereby every attendee feels welcomed in an enjoyable and safe environment. Previous attendees score us a solid 98% in NPS satisfaction. That said, we are always working on making the experience outstanding.

If you are VAR, MSP ITSP or ISV and your goal is to build or scale a sustainable and predictable managed-service recurring revenue business, then ChannelNEXT is a sure fit!

Check out some videos from our past events at

Check back often as we update the schedule on the actual speakers, topics and vendors.

Maintenant dans sa 20e année, ChannelNEXT continue d’être une expérience de développement d’affaires exceptionnelle pour les partenaires de distribution et les fournisseurs.

Nous sommes fin prêts. L’événement aura lieu à l’hôtel Manoir Saint Sauveur à Saint-Sauveur, au Québec. Cet hôtel récemment rénové est exceptionnel ! Si vous souhaitez y séjourner pour la nuit et vous joindre à nous pour le souper et des activités de réseautage social supplémentaires, cela est également possible. (Un tarif spécial de groupe pour l’hébergement sera bientôt disponible.)

Quels sont les enseignements qui vous seront utiles pour votre entreprise ?  Notre nouveau format est axé sur l’éducation commerciale pertinente aujourd’hui ! Donc, en un mot, PLUSIEURS!

Les fournisseurs sont issus des domaines les plus en vogue, notamment la cybersécurité, le travail à distance, tous les produits Microsoft, la mise en réseau, le nuage et la transformation numérique.

Nous allons redoubler d’efforts pour résoudre les problèmes réels que vous rencontrez aujourd’hui, notamment au niveau du recrutement et de la rétention de talents, la mise à l’échelle de vos services gérés, la prospection de nouveaux clients et, bien sûr, la résolution du problème de la cybersécurité.

Notre session de groupe de pairs Mastermind vous permettra d’aller encore plus loin et, surtout, de prendre des mesures efficaces à l’aide d’un plan d’action concret.

Bien entendu, vous aurez également l’occasion de tisser des liens et de vous amuser avec vos amis et vos pairs, tout en évacuant le stress mental auquel nous avons tous été soumis au cours des deux dernières années et en dégustant de bons plats et des boissons!

Ce sera une excellente occasion de nourrir votre esprit, votre corps et votre âme, c’est garanti.

Arrive early to enjoy some breakfast and network with your peers.For many, this is the first time meeting others in-person since the pandemic hit. Looking forward to meeting everyone! Nice to be out of the house!

Welcome with brief overview of the event and key takeaways.

We kick off with a 30 minute town-hall to explore what's really important for MSPs to be doing in this digital-first economy as we roll out of the pandemic.

We will share some new best business practices are emerging.

It will be a candid discussion with audience participation. We want to hear from the attendees to know what are their concerns.

It's designed to get the attendees into the discussion, instead of just being part of the audience. Prepare your questions in advance or send them in the registration form. Your participation is needed to make this town-hall more reflective of your concerns and will set the tone for the entire event.

We will carry on with your input from the town hall discussion to address your concerns. We will have a talk show with the channel community of MSPs, Vendors and Best-Practice Experts to explore the big challenges that MSP are facing and how they can be solved. What are the best MSPs actually doing to future proof business in 2022 and beyond? We will discuss failures, challenges, successes and new best practices. We will also talk about how mergers and acquisitions can impact business and what MSPs should be doing of they want to sell their business.

Select vendors will take the stage with a short presentation, followed by a talk-show. These sessions are engaging and bring the audience into the discussion.

Some of the topics we will cover in these sessions:

1. CYBER SECURITY and Business Continuity: Cyber Security is always top of mind from "left of boom to right of boom". MSPs have to be ready. We will look at the cyber security stack and managed services that are mission critical for mediating risks to both MSPs and their clients. What can MSPs do to make sense of over 4,000 security vendors rallying for their business? We will also discuss the rise of the cyber security insurance problem and compliance regulations and how best to navigate. How are MSPs solving the growing cyber security problems today! Several vendors will be tacking this big topic!

2. BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY, CLOUD and SaaS: Work from anywhere is now normal for most businesses. Now that we have made the first transition over the pandemic to WFH, what's next in making the experience better, improving the performance and making everything more secure? We will discuss the next levels in remote working as this future of work becomes the new normal. We will also talk about the latest partner policies coming from Microsoft and of course Cloud and SaaS. Cloud distributors now offer a very wide variety of Cloud and SaaS solutions for MSPs.

3. 5G NETWORKING: Network Managed Services always keep evolving. We will explore the path to 5G success for MSPs. It's already happening today and every MSPs will be impacted. What are the related emerging managed services around 5G (such as IoT)?

4. VENDOR MARKETING SUPPORT FOR PARTNERS: Finding new clients in a digital-first economy is the new game. Today, we know that digital marketing is the primary way forward. If you are not present in the digital arena, then it's open season on your clients. How are MSPs gaining success in this digital frontier? How will marketplaces impact MSPs? Many discussions around support available for MSPs to do this right.

5. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: Digital Transformation is everywhere and continues to accelerate as businesses try to keep in sync with the buying journey of their customers. MSPs need to lead their clients into the DX journey or risk them going elsewhere. We will explore solutions from Robotic Processing to Microsoft and the thousands of SaaS Applications that are fuelling the DX transformation. How will MSPs get their piece of the DX pie?

Vendors will be in the ChannelNEXT "Marketplace Expo" to showcase their products over lunch. Vendors also join channel partners at the lunch tables. Everyone connects at their own pace and some vendors do give away prizes and swag. At the same time we do news interviews with vendors and MSPs. It's a marketplace to browse, learn and talk while eating and drinking. This is NOT a typical trade show. For the latest line up of vendors see the sponsors on the event's landing home page.

Each vendor gets 3 minutes to make their digital sales pitch to both, the in-person and the online audiences. Channel partners can quickly assess if this vendor can be a fit for their solutions' portfolio. You can reach out to connect with the vendors you like. We also have an online method for you to instantly receive more information on any vendor or product you see. 

Everyone will receive a link with the vendors listed to instantly vote for their favourite pitch. Simply make your selection and done. You can also the vendors of interest to receive more information.

You will also get a chance win some prizes as a "thank-you-for-voting".

Most MSPs are challenged in hiring and retaining the right talent. Job openings are everywhere; Employers are competing for talent like never before.

Five of six of the problems that are keeping channel leaders up at night are people problems.

Whether that’s attracting and keeping top talent or developing your up-and-coming talent to complete a succession strategy for the next phase of growth, your productivity and scalabaility are directly linked to your ability to find solutions to your people problems.

Most leaders miss one CRITICAL piece to the people problem puzzle… Currency* - and spoiler alert: this currency* has nothing to do with money... but everything to do with your bottom line!

Leaders who are looking beyond the pay cheque to non-monetary drivers of peak performance have that missing piece. And you can too…

You will get solid takeaways that you can apply to your hiring and retention needs immediately.

Ask your questions! All sessions will be recorded for you to review and share post event.

You have probably heard about the "great resignation" as millions of people rethink their current jobs and look for better work/life balance. This trend makes it more difficult to find, interview, select, on-board, support, manage and retain good talent.

This provocative workshop will begin with a discussion about how the employment market and recruiting has changed during the past 24 months.

Next, we will discuss why most companies are struggling to recruit enough quality applications today and what to do about this growing problem.

We will then review what a successful talent recruiting marketing plan looks like, and what companies need to do to win the battle for talent in 2022. Our solutions will be presented in a practical, step by step format.

We will conclude with suggestions and illustrations of “guerrilla” (unconventional) recruiting tactics.

Ask your questions! Sessions will be recorded for you to review and share post event.

Get together with a small group of your peers (socially distanced) to discuss your pain points and solutions. If you have never experienced a Mastermind peer-group before then you are in for a treat! You will be amazed how this can help you solve most of your problems. Vendors can also join the discussion so everyone can help each other. A facilitator will guide everyone through the fun and thought-provoking journey.

Check out the testimonials from our web site to see what your peers are saying. 

We wrap things up over few drinks and snacks in the expo area.

If you stay overnight at the hotel you might join us for "Dinner On Us". We will be going off-site to a local spot to carry on the conversation, to catch up with old and new business friends and to enjoy seeing familiar faces again.

If you prefer to stay overnight, we are there to extend the experience. You can get accommodations at our special group rate and join us for dinner and some pub crawling. All welcomed.

We strongly recommend staying overnight to avoid driving back too late. Relax. Spend the night. Try the Spa. Enjoy the experience. Have a great breakfast before heading back. Or even go skiing. The Manoir Saint Sauveur is a great spot to explore everything Quebec has to offer.


Will this event be in English and/or French?

The event will be conducted in English. However, many speakers and vendors attending do speak French so they will be able to interact and answer your questions in French. Our organizers also speak French. We do our very best to find local speakers and encourage vendors to provide representatives who speak French, but unfortunately this is not always possible. In the future, we are considering two separate events whereby one day will be in French and the other will be in English with a different line up of speakers and vendors. We understand that doing this event only in English is not effective for French-only speaking attendees but currently, hosting in English is the only way we can bring most of the vendors and content to the region. That said, most vendors will be able to speak with you in French and you will have an option to participate in the Mastermind peer-groups in French or English. You may also ask your questions in French during all sessions and we will have someone to help translate. At our "EAST" event, attendees come from Quebec, Ottawa and as far as Kingston and the Maritime provinces. We will continue to survey our French-speaking Quebec community to better serve their needs in the future.

How do I attend this event in person?

Register. We will send out the location details to all registrants who signed up to attend in person and have been approved. Due to the current and evolving governmental health regulations we are only allowed a limited amount of people on site so we are on a first-registered-first served.

Can I stay overnight?

Yes. When you register just let us know that you are interested in overnight accommodations and we will send you details to access the group rate. If you stay overnight, you are welcome to join us for dinner (on us) - we will be going off-site for dinner and a few drinks.

Is the ChannelNEXT event safe?

1. We selected a facility that we believe to be well suited to protect the health of our guests.
2. The entire facility will be sanitized for our attendees.
3. We wanted safer outdoor facilities whenever possible.
4. The usual masks and sanitizers will be available.
5. We wanted to reduce the travel time. We do our best to bring the event closer to our audience but with ample parking and easy access.
6. Only people who are fully vaccinated with proof can be allowed indoors (as per the local governmental regulations - managed by the facility)
7. Food and beverages must be outstanding, healthy and safe.
8. Booths will be properly distanced. Talk-show and presentations will be well-distanced on stage as well as from the audience.
9. Everything is live-streamed! Event can be watched from anywhere on all devices.
10. While walking, you must wear a mask. When sitting, you can remove your mask or continue wearing it. Your choice. Seating will be socially distanced according to regulations both indoors and outdoors.
11. The stage area will be physically distanced from the audience and all speakers will also be appropriately distanced.
12. All staff will be wearing masks.
13. Some activities will be outdoors (weather permitting). Coffee and snack stations will be self-serve.
14. The “Vendor Talk-Show” on stage will be live-streamed, so attendees can literally take breaks while continuing to watch the presentations on their devices.
15. Attendees must be 18 years or older.

We are constantly monitoring Government regulations and make updates accordingly. We have made it as safe as possible based on everything we know today.

If you still don’t feel comfortable in face-to-face meetings, then you may watch the live-streaming on several platforms from any device.

How do I LOGIN to this event virtually?

Registered participants will receive links via confirmation email. Add to your calendar. We always send links again 24 hours before event starts as well on the same day of the event. White list and look for TECHNOPLANET and EVENTBRITE.

How will I know if my system is compatible to access the online event?

Live-streaming can be watched from any browser. If there is a virtual platform then there will be a system pre-test link that will confirm if you are ready or not.

Will I be able to get a recording of the event?

Yes. Much of the general content sessions are recorded and automatically sent to those who registered to the event. Some sessions may not be recorded for privacy concerns.

Is the online platform secure?

We choose platforms that are secure and we do not host public events. All attendees must register with a valid e-mail address and must sign in with the same e-mail address to enter. Our team will monitor the event and be able to intervene, if necessary. Please understand that we do not allow anyone to post links in the chat. It is wise to never share any confidential information with anyone during a virtual event on chat.

How is the privacy of my information handled?

We do NOT store your information on the system after the event is closed. Registrations are handled by Eventbrite with the highest level of security. Nothing stays accessible through the Internet. We do not share your information with anyone. If you want to connect with a vendor or others, you must exchange your details with them directly and we provide a tool for you to easily connect and request more info.

Have more questions?

Contact us anytime at Contact ChannelNEXT

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