ChannelNEXT CENTRAL (In-Person )

2023 will be our 21st year in doing ChannelNEXT events!

You’ll learn about the most recent insights to grow your business on three of the hottest markets in the channel: Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence! You cannot have digital transformation without cybersecurity and AI is impacting both in unprecedented ways! 

It is our mission to bring the best in-person events to our Canadian channel community! You will learn from a lot of leading MSP speakers and experts who really KNOW your business! And, of course, some amazing vendors to solve problems and make lots of money!

ChannelNEXT will feed the mind, body, and soul! Our 21 Anniversary doing channel events!

Click on the MENU below to browse the schedule/agenda and other details! You will automatically receive the digital event guide when you register.

Event Details

The primary goal of ChannelNEXT is to provide practical insights on how MSPs, VARs and vendors can grow business. You will enjoy the experience in a great resort environment. A good mix of business and fun.

We'll concentrate on five areas:

1. Cybersecurity solutions and education including compliance, insurance, and best practices.
2. Digital Transformation of business in a digital-first World.
3. Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the channel and business.
4. Peer-group collaboration.
5. Social networking.

We'll hear from a panel of successful managed service providers as they reveal their secrets of success in a candid talk show setting. What factors contribute to the success of some MSPs over others? What is effective and what is ineffective?

With no sales pitches, the participating companies and keynote presenters strive to give the best solutions, insights, and value to managed service providers (MSPs). Only experts who are directly related to the channel and who "live" on the channel's frontlines are asked to speak. Individuals that have a solid understanding of the requirements of MSPs.

The fast-paced Lions' Den, where vendors have three minutes to make their best pitch, will be provided. This is the quickest and most pleasant method to find out if a vendor is a good fit. You will be able to vote for the best pitch, and there will be cash prizes awarded!

Mastermind Peer-Group sessions and Masterclasses are also held at ChannelNEXT, bringing together channel partners and vendors for life-changing experiences. Strengthening commercial ties (as well as personal ties) is achieved through this unique learning, collaboration, and exchange of ideas environment.

The emphasis of these get-togethers is always on face-to-face social networking opportunities. In the case that you've attended a ChannelNEXT event before, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

MSPs, ITSPs, ISVs, and VARs are all welcome to attend for no cost (Overnight accommodations at special group prices are available, but book early to ensure you get a room). When you register, you will receive accommodation booking details including nearby hotels in case the main hotel is sold out.

If your aim is to establish or scale a sustainable and predictable managed-service recurring income company as a VAR, MSP, ITSP, or ISV, ChannelNEXT is a perfect fit!

Come experience why previous attendees continue to give us a 98 percent satisfaction rating. We are constantly striving to improve the overall experience. We've learned a lot, and we're returning to two-day events in 2023!

A truly Canadian channel experience.


The Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem is now available in Canada and you get to explore it exclusively at ChannelNEXT23! Why is this a big deal? It is your ONE-STOP SHOP for everything you need to start, build and scale your cybersecurity business. It's a game-changer if cybersecurity matters to you!

Get ready for some extreme business-building and fun at ChannelNEXT23!


Join us early before we get started to enjoy a meet and greet over breakfast snacks. Looking forward to meeting everyone! We will overview what to expect over the 2 days. You will have access to an e-guide with full schedule.

This event focuses on Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence. What will be learn?

Some takeaways:

Over 50% of the content at this event will come from successful MSPs. They will share there secrets of success. You can also meet them and ask questions.

Why we selected these vendors to showcase at ChannelNEXT?

Starting with Kaseya, they have a lot of tools and solutions to help MSPs simplify their managed services. These include PSA, BDR, RMM, Assessments, Darkweb, and many more. They are also showing their Complete IT Platform, which is the glue that holds everything together.

Ninjaone is a simple and cost-effective way for MSPs to manage IT services.

Acronis because they have an excellent security solution that you can tweak to fit your needs and a lot of third-party tools that let you do even more.

Aruba/HPE has everything you need for safe and fast networking.

Net2Phone has everything you need when it comes to VoIP and uCaaS. It may be the best option in its category, and it is definitely the best supported.

Cradlepoint is your one-stop shop for everything 5G, and they now have a managed services package to help you get up to speed faster.

QNAP to meet your needs for NAS, networking, and surveillance (add this vertical to your managed services). has everything Microsoft and a lot more SaaS, plus access to APPDirect's huge portfolio of SaaS products.

Augmentt is important because you need to keep all of your SaaS apps safe and save time by managing them from one dashboard.They also have a security posture assessment tool that you can leverage for free!

CyberPower because you need protect all your hardware from getting fried.

Auvik, because you need to know what you don't know to keep track of everything on the network.

The Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem because this is the most comprehensive resource for building and scaling your cybersecurity business practice.This is a game-changing community of cybersecurity channel partners!

The Mastermind Peer-Group because being part of a peer-group may be the best thing you do for your business and your life.

These and other vendors were carefully chosen to help build and grow managed services as well as your business, including entering new markets. We encourage you to explore each of these vendors to build a very profitable and growing MSP business.

You will get a lot of insights from people who REALLY understand your business. Some of the best MSPs, experts, and channel leaders will offer the information you need to take your business to the next level or sell it.

If you want to explore hundreds more vendors, they check out Canada's #1 news resources for the IT Channel.

Let's start two days of extreme business building and have a great experience.

We kick things off with in panel discussion with leading MSPs to explore their secrets of success. What's on the minds of successful channel partners? Valuation? Hiring staff as well as retaining them? Mergers and Acquisitions? Marketing? Scaling managed services? We will discuss failures, challenges, successes and best practices. We will explore what they are focused on today and planning for tomorrow.

What are the best MSPs doing and not doing to future proof business?

Questions are encouraged from the in-person and online audiences.

Gavin Garbutt is the keynote speaker.

We chose Gavin because he pioneered managed services by developing the first RMM tool called N-Able and is back with part two of the MSP journey.

Managed services have since evolved well beyond most people's expectations. After selling N-Able to Solarwinds he is now back to talk about the next stage in the managed services journey. He not only talks the talk, but he actually builds the tools to assist MSPs in moving forward in the journey.

This keynote will discuss the next stage of the MSP journey, which may not be what you expect. It has a something to do with business digitization with SaaS, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. Three factors, when properly implemented, will boost productivity and efficiency in a smart and secure manner.

Artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT, is currently acceleration digital transformation in unprecedented ways. Much of it we still do not understand. As a result, the next generation of MSPs could arrive sooner than you think.

Delegates and Vendors start networking over an amazing lunch.

Each vendor gets 3 minutes to make their perfect sales pitch to the entire audiences. See in the sponsor section for all participating vendors. Channel partners can quickly assess which vendor can be a fit for their solutions' portfolio. We even have a tool for the audience to request more information from the vendors anonymously - in real-time.

Everyone in the audience will receive a link to instantly vote for their favourite pitch. Simply make your selection and done. You can also contact the vendors of interest to receive more information.

And you get a chance to win $500 cash as a "thank-you-for-voting".

Select vendors will also take the stage in a short talk-show or presentation format. The discussions will focus on Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence.

Automation of Managed Services. Networking Solutions. 5G. Remote Working. Cybersecurity Solutions and more.

We discourage the usual slide-deck presentations to focus on what's most important! These 15-minute vendor sessions are engaging and brings the audience into the discussion. It's also recorded for you to review and share later.

Get together with a group of your peers to discuss your pain points and solutions. If you have never experienced a Mastermind peer-group before then you are in for a treat! You will be amazed how this can help you solve most of your problems. Vendors can also join the discussion so everyone can help each other. A expert facilitator will guide everyone through the fun and thought-provoking journey.

Speed Introductions Is Back! Vendors and delegates meet over an open bar and snacks. One of our most fun social networking activities! Lots of prize give-aways! All happens in the Expo area.

Join us for some great food, drinks and entertainment. Yes, the entertainment is going to be KARAOKE! But, we will also have some alternative entertainment in case you don't like singing. So much outdoor and indoor space in the resort to enjoy.

Discover the various vendor hospitality suites...

Join us in the Eclipse dining room for a real Canadian breakfast.

The talk of AI and ChatGPT is everywhere. In this panel discussion we will have channel partners and experts talk about how AI is impacting their business and clients. We will explore how MSPs are currently leveraging AI and what's on the horizon as we enter this new era.

Over the past three years, we have seen how the digitization of business has accelerated as people change working and buying habits. This hybrid trend continues today and it seems like it is here to stay.

Companies who can position themselves effectively in the digital-first economy may eventually outplay, outsmart and outlast their competition. AI is the latest 10X accelerant in this trend.

We will feature two vendors in 30-minute sessions.

1. ITComplete
ITComplete will talk about Cyber Attacks: The Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly. Miles Walker from Graphus follows the cybersecurity industry every day and has very good insights about what cyberattacks are facing MSPs and their customers.

2. Ninja One.
MSPs must keep up with increasing demands (often without increasing resources) while also ensuring that they are operating efficiently. The only sustainable way to deliver on this dynamic is through automation, which can significantly reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks, allowing MSPs to focus on more complex and higher-value work. In this session, we will explore how MSPs can build a culture of automation to achieve operational efficiency and deliver exceptional IT services as they scale. We will delve into the key areas where IT and device management automation can be most effective and provide practical hands-on examples of how automation can help IT teams streamline these tasks and free up resources for more strategic work. We will also discuss how MSPs can foster a culture of automation within their organizations and share best practices for identifying areas where automation can be applied, building support among team members, and creating a roadmap for automation projects.

Host: Nim Nadarajah - 30 year entrepreneur and advisory executive in cybersecurity

Kenrick Bagnall – Law enforcement & cyber crime
James Castle – Emergency response and Canadian defence
Dave Palachik – Cyber solutions innovator, inventor and security expert

The 2023 Insider Threat Report suggests that Companies continue to suffer from insider threats coming from regular employees, privileged users/administrators, and third parties.

• 74% of organizations say they are at least moderately vulnerable or worse to insider threats
• More than half of organizations have experienced an insider threat in the last year, and 8% have experienced more than 20
• 68% of companies are very concerned about insider risk as their organizations return to the office or transition to hybrid work
• 53% say detecting insider attacks is harder in the cloud

Given the reality of this risk and its ever-expanding threat plane the exciting panel of cybersecurity experts will join the ChannelNeXT panel to discuss stories from the cyberverse, emerging technologies to combat the risk, and how we can be stronger together.

This panel of cybersecurity experts will explore many aspects of cybersecurity today as well as highlight how quantum computing could soon push back on ransomware and how best to mediate the risks in the mean time.

This session will explore the best strategy for MSPs to build and scale their cybersecurity business practice and best prepare for what's coming.

Lunch Buffett in the EXPO.

Introduction to the Cybersecurity Defence Ecosystem in Canada.

We start with a short presentation about the building blocks for building a successful MSSP.

It's everything you need to build and scale your cybersecurity managed services business practice.

You will get a 20-page membership prospectus to outline the first wave of membership benefits to best understand if this is right for you.

Membership is FREE with get lot of benefits to help you experience the value without any risk. The more benefits you leverage from the CDE, the faster and more profitable will be your growth.


Last chance to connect with the vendors and everyone in the expo area for some prize giveaways and hand out some awards to those who rocked it! As always, the attendees vote for Best in Show, Best Presentation and Best Lions' Den pitch.

We also do eChannelNEWS interviews and can do video recordings for channel partners and lots of pictures. We are there for as long as anyone wants us to be :o)

Many will be staying overnight so who knows what we will end up doing!


Who may attend this event in-person for FREE?

All types of channel partners (MSPs, VARS, ITSPs, Solutions Providers) as well as extended partners in the ecosystem (digital transformation consultants, telcos, digital agencies, accounting firms, consultants). After you register, we will review and notify you accordingly.

What if the hotel where the event is held is sold out?

There are a few nearby hotels available (one just a 3 minutes away). You will receive links to them when you register.

Are you a vendor or distributor?

You will need to qualify for a guest pass. There is a fee for this. Are you an independent software vendor (ISV)? You may attend this event for free but some restrictions apply.

How do I attend this event in person?

Register. We will send the location details to all qualified registrants.

How do I cancel my attendance?

If you have registered and cannot attend, please cancel. That allows us to invite another person from the waiting list. There is a no-show fee of $250.

What is minimum age of attendees?

Attendees must be 18 years or older.

Is the event recorded?

Much of the general content sessions are recorded and automatically sent to those who registered to the event. Some sessions may not be recorded for privacy concerns.

How is my privacy of information handled?

We do NOT store your information on the system after the event is closed. Registrations are handled by Eventbrite with the highest level of security. Nothing stays accessible through the Internet. We do not share your information with anyone. If you want to connect with a vendor or others, you must exchange your details with them directly and we provide a tool for you to easily connect and request more info.

Pledge for diversity and inclusion:ChannelNEXT is a welcoming environment for everybody. We take equality and diversity very seriously. Our events are completely safe zones, and no negative remarks or behaviour are tolerated. We have a strict policy of no tolerance!

Still have more questions?

Contact ChannelNEXT anytime!

Event Details
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