Channel Manager Summit 2022 (10th year)

A brief review of the channel in 2021 and a look into the 2022 channel trends.

Every year we gather the "A-Team" in channel development to help channel managers, chiefs and sales reps better navigate their channel game in the new year.

The topics are always defined by the current situation and the speakers and panelists are selected for their leading roles, achievements and experience in the industry. These are the people you will want to know and get their insights.

Register now for $199.00 (in-person) or $99.00 (online participation). Learning just one thing could make a big difference in your channel success!

The full-day event ends with a Mastermind peer-group with all participating vendors whereby they will discuss their current pain points and uncover solutions in real-time. This unique format of peer-group collaboration is facilitated by an expert in the process to help everyone get the most benefits. No one had ever left a Mastermind session without getting significant benefits and an eye-opening experience. After the event, many vendors reach out to continue participating in peer-groups!

There is something for everyone! Even if you are a seasoned channel professional, you will be able to at least validate your playbook for the new year.

Everyone understands that the channel has hyper-jumped into a digital-first marketplace. What are the key drivers in building the best partner experience in the new digital channel development game? What should vendors do to deliver the best possible partner experience in 2022 and beyond?

Is the ultimate end-game where every channel partner can have a customized marketplace? To showcase all of the vendors that want to sell and complete all transactions within? What can vendors do today to start building out the most effective channel partner relationship and business automation as competitive advantage?

We can all speculate on the needs. We can even justify with some research data. But until you heard it directly from the channel partners, it is just a best guess. We will have a panel of three leading MSPs to give their advice and answer questions.

Ever wanted to know what other successful channel chief’s are thinking and doing? What really works best for them in developing channel business? What does not work? We will discuss some of their channel playbook on how they drive success.

Delegates are placed into small groups to experience a unique collaboration session. This will help them solve their current channel development pain points. Fast and in real-time!

Make your choice for in-person or online participation

Where is the event located?

Toronto. Location will be sent to all registered and approved attendees. 

How do I attend this event in person?

Register. We will send out the location details to all registrants who signed up to attend in person and have been approved. Due to the current and evolving governmental health regulations we are only allowed a limited amount of people on site so we are on a first-registered-first served.

Will I need to be FULLY vaccinated to attend the in-person event?

YES. And you must bring your vaccine document for proof as it will be checked by the facility management upon entry. It is now a government regulation.  

What about the VENUE? 

1. We decided NOT to use the typical hotel/conference facilities because we wanted our event to be distanced from other events that are being hosted in the same hotel. We feel that big hotels and conference centers (by its nature) are gathering places of travellers from all over the world. All potential issues for increased COVID infections. We wanted the facilities to be 100% exclusive to our group. Period. 

2. We wanted safer outdoor facilities, weather permitting.

3. We wanted to support more local businesses to get the economy back on track.

4. We wanted to reduce the travel time so we brought the event closer to city centres but with ample parking and access to public transport. 

5. Food and beverages must be amazing and safe.

7. All event activities must be safe - Mastermind sessions will be done on special outdoor tables or inside with social distancing. Talk-show and presentations will be socially distanced on stage as well as the audience.

Is the ChannelNEXT event safe?

We have made it as safe as possible based on everything we know today. 

  • Everyone in attendance must be double-vaccinated and provide proof before entry as sanctioned by the Government. Facility management will be checking for this and scanning vaccine documents.
  • Seating will be socially distanced according to regulations both indoors and outdoors.
  • The entire facility will be sanitized for our attendees.
  • While walking, you must wear a mask. When sitting, you can remove your mask or continue wearing it. Your choice.
  • The stage area will be physically distanced from the audience and all speakers will also be appropriately distanced. We will be doing a “talk-show” format and speakers will be distanced.
  • Activities will be split between indoors and outdoors. Indoor facility has high ceilings and well ventilated.
  • All staff will be wearing masks.
  • Masks and sanitizers will be available to everyone.
  • Lunch will be outdoors (weather permitting) and served individually. Coffee and snack stations will be self-serve.
  • Expo area will be outdoors under a tent with ventilation and socially distanced with proper one-way traffic flow.
  • Attendees must be 18 years or older.
  • Mastermind peer-groups will be limited and held outdoors on tables that are socially distanced to allow everyone ample space.
  • The discussions on stage will be live streamed so attendees can literally take breaks while continuing to watch the presentations on their devices.
  • We selected a facility that will host our event and attendees exclusively. We choose this over the usual hotel facilities because we did not want to be connected to other events under the same roof or travellers from outside the country where the potential for cross contamination is greater.

Have more questions?

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