Channel Manager Summit 2022 (10th year)

If your business is channel development then this is your event to help you improve your game. It’s impossible to not learn something significant to help you become more successful.

A brief review of the channel in 2021 and a look into the 2022 channel trends.

Every year we gather the "A-Team" in channel development to help channel managers, chiefs and sales reps better navigate their channel game in the new year.

The topics are always defined by the current situation and the speakers and panelists are selected for their leading roles, achievements and experience in the industry. These are the people you will want to know and get their insights.

Register now for $199.00 (in-person) or $99.00 (recording). Learning just one thing could make a big difference in your channel success!

The full-day event ends with a Mastermind peer-group with all participating vendors whereby they will discuss their current pain points and uncover solutions in real-time. This unique format of peer-group collaboration is facilitated by an expert in the process to help everyone get the most benefits. No one had ever left a Mastermind session without getting significant benefits and an eye-opening experience. After the event, many vendors reach out to continue participating in peer-groups!

There is something for everyone! Even if you are a seasoned channel professional, you will be able to at least validate your playbook for the new year.

MORE DETAILS about what you will take away:

1. Rob Rae SVP of channel business development of Datto, and Julian Lee will discuss the latest tactics for engaging and empowering your partners in a digital-first world.

We will go deep to uncover:

- New ways to recruit partners in a digital-first market
- How much automation can truly be done in partner management
- What is the plan as we roll out of a pandemic to an endemic
- How best to manage and motivate a channel team in a hybrid work model

Rob lives on the frontline of channel development and is part of many channel leaders’ discussions that meet to exchange best-practice ideas. He has also won our #1 Channel Chief Award and is highly ranked in many other top channel chief and influencer lists.

2. Jay McBain Analyst for channels at Forrester Research, will kick off this session by discussing the future of channel partner ecosystems and marketplaces as well as highlight some supportive data. As the partner rules of engagement adapt to the next generation of ecosystems, most traditional programs and tactics will no longer matter. We will explore the strategy of next-level channel building and how the various moving parts fit together in the latest transformation of the transactional and non-transactional channel ecosystem. It will be hosted by Julian Lee as he adds Carl Watene (founder of a next generation channel automation platform called SPIISEE) to the discussion. The President of SPIISEE Brian Ochab will also join us as we discuss just how much of the partnership processes and activities can be truly automated and what outcomes you can expect. If you want know how to best manage and automate all of the moving parts of channel management, then listen up to this team.

- Why it is important to automate now?
- Why an ecosystem over a PRM or CRM?
- What 8 tech stacks is required for building the best channel partner automation?
- What are the efficiency gains (revenue) and costs savings?
- What is the experience that partners need?
- Where the puck is going in the MSP Marketplace?

3. Michael Contento (former CEO of My Blue Umbrella recently sold his company to F12), Joe Uissa (CEO of InfinityIT) and Erez Zevulunov (CEO of MIT Consulting) will be hosted by Julian Lee to explore what channel partners really want and need from vendors today. This group of 3 leading MSPs will give vendors the proper TO-DO list of things and actions that will improve success with all channel partners. Do not miss this eye-opening experience!

4. Paolo Del Nibletto (Channel Chief of a leading SOC Jolera and contributing journalist of eChannelNEWS) will have a candid discussion with Julian Lee as they dig into some of the biggest challenges facing channel management.


- Managing the fallout after your current top partners are sold to another partner.
- How to build awareness and thought-leadership.
- How to improve the adoption rates of your products.
- How to empower your partners to sell more of your products.
- How to reach, engage, prospect and recruit other types of non-transitional partners into your ecosystem.

We will round this out by discussing one clever way in which you can easily help ALL of your under-performing channel partners to up their game and sell more in a predictable and sustainable manner.

5. If you still have energy and time, we will break out into 8-person groups to address your current pain points and how you can resolve. These Mastermind peer-group sessions are simply a next level mind-bending activity that will surprise you on how it can actually help you solve big problems. The power of group force!

Join us!

Everyone understands that the channel has hyper-jumped into a digital-first marketplace. What are the key drivers in building the best partner experience in the new digital channel development game? What should vendors do to deliver the best possible partner experience in 2022 and beyond?

Where is channel automation headed? What works and what does not? Is the ultimate end-game where every channel partner will have a customized e-marketplace to showcase all the vendors and services that they want to sell? What can vendors do today to start building out the most effective channel partner relationship and business automation as competitive advantage? We will have experts in the channel automation arena give you the inside scoop and we kick off with some of the latest data and insights from Jay McBain of Forrester Research on Channel Partner Ecosystems.

We can all speculate on the needs. We can even justify with some research data. But until you hear it directly from the channel partners, it is just a best guess. We will have a panel of three leading MSPs to give their advice and answer questions.

Attendees will enjoy a delicious lunch while social networking with their peers. Participating vendors with channel partner automation platforms, tools and services will be showcased on our virtual marketplace where you can browse the concise 15-minute video showcases of their solutions. You can instantly share content with your colleagues and contact vendor. We will also have 3-minute trailer-type clips to quickly know if their is a potential fit. The goal is to help you learn about the latest solutions to help you improve your channel partner automation game. Some vendor may ALSO attend in-person, depending on the latest health regulations.

Ever wanted to know what other successful channel chief’s are thinking and doing? What really works best for them in developing channel business? What does not work? We will discuss some of their channel playbook on how they drive success.

Delegates are placed into small groups (well distanced) to experience a unique collaboration session. This will help them solve their current channel development pain points. Fast and in real-time! All virtual attendees will also be invited to schedule a virtual peer-group session post event. In-person attendees may also opt to attend a virtual peer-group session post event. All the usual health requirements will be in place, including proof of vaccination and masks.

We have no agenda planned, but those who are comfortable and would like to extend the networking, we will be meeting in the bar. All the usual health requirements will be in place, including proof of vaccination and masks.

Make your choice for in-person or online participation

Where is the event located?

Toronto, Ontario. Location details will be sent to all registered and approved attendees.

How do I attend this event in person?

Register and select in-person option. We will send out the location details to all registrants who signed up to attend in person. Due to the current and evolving governmental health regulations we are only allowed a limited amount of people on site so we are on a first-registered-first served. There is a fee to attend.

How do I attend this event virtually?

Register and select virtual option. We will send you the live video recordings for you to watch on demand. Actually all in-person attendees will also receive the recordings. There is a fee to access this content.

Will I need to be FULLY vaccinated to attend the in-person event?

YES. And, you must bring your vaccine document for proof as it will be checked by the facility management upon entry. It is now a government regulation until otherwise notified. Do not attend if you feel any of the usual symptoms. We will check temperatures just as another layer of defence.

What is our position on COVID?

We follow the health concerns of COVID as much as possible (maybe to the point of obsession). All of our team is fully vaccinated will also be doing a rapid test in the morning before the event starts and will be wearing masks. We will do all what is necessary to keep everyone and ourselves safe. We also understand that fully vaccinated people with booster shots are highly protective against the latest variant(s) and more importantly, do not get them too sick or require hospitalization, and so far it seems that fully vaccinated people do not die. This is all good news as we move from a pandemic to an endemic situation. However, if you are NOT vaccinated or have NOT been naturally immunized from actually catching COVID, then you are at a high risk, so stay home. Eventually we will all need to LIVE with COVID and be SMART about our choices and appetite for risks. When the risk level rises based on new variants, we will need to adapt accordingly. For now, it seems like we are getting to the beginning of the end of this 2-year phase of COVID as more people become immunized from either vaccination or from being infected by COVID. We will keep on top of the issue and adjust accordingly. Last year we did 3 in-person events and we had ZERO infection cases by attendees. Together, we can all pull through this challenging circumstance and continue living and working safely.

What about the VENUE?

The venue will be located in Toronto and will be accessible from transit. High ceilings. Seating physically distanced. Proper ventilation. Lots of space move around. Dedicated entrance to facility. Ample parking is also available.

Is the ChannelNEXT event safe?

We have made it as safe as possible based on everything we know today.

Everyone in attendance must be fully-vaccinated and provide proof before entry as sanctioned by the Government. Facility management will be checking for this and scanning vaccine documents.

Seating will be socially distanced according to regulations both indoors and outdoors.

The entire facility will be pre-sanitized for our attendees.

While walking, you must wear a mask. When sitting, you can remove your mask or continue wearing it. Your choice.

The stage area will be physically distanced from the audience and all speakers will also be appropriately distanced. We will be doing a “talk-show” format and speakers will be distanced.

All staff will be wearing masks.

Masks and sanitizers will be available to everyone.

Lunch will be no-touch self-serve. Coffee and snack stations will be self-serve.

Expo will be virtual although a few vendors may have in-person displays.

Attendees must be 18 years or older.

Mastermind peer-groups will be limited and socially distanced. We will also offer virtual Mastermind peer-group sessions post event.

The discussions on stage will NOT be live-streamed.

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